With tap water so readily available, why choose Cirus water? The answer is easy: You can taste the difference! Wholesome and pure, Cirus water goes through a special process that removes lead, carcinogens, nitrates, bacteria and other impurities leaving you with great tasting water. Even water softeners and filters can’t take the place of bottled water because they add salt (sodium) to the water. Filters have to be serviced often to maintain their effectiveness. Plus, they only remove chlorine, not solids such as chlorides, nitrates or sulfates. Cirus water is laboratory tested for purity, offering you the greatest security and protection, giving you the freshest, most pure water without the chlorine taste.

Great at work.

Choose from a variety of dispensers, each designed to hold a convenient 5 gallon bottle. All of our floor models take up just one square foot of space, which is comparable to one kitchen tile.

If at any time you would like to change your order amounts just notify your salesperson. We’ll see to it that your service is adjusted accordingly. In addition, if you ever run out of water early, we’ll provide delivery service within one business day (within Wichita metropolitan area).

Great new ideas.

Convenient handles on every bottle:
Who says changing the water bottle has to be so difficult? Cirus uses unique bottles that feature a handle for easy carrying and replacement.

No spill bottles:
With Cirus’s spill-proof bottle design, changing water is easy and dry. Our 5 gallon bottles fit into a cooler instantly without spilling a drop.

Delivered fresh to your door.

Take advantage of Cirus’s free delivery service, and we’ll deliver Cirus water to your office every two weeks. Just set-up delivery with us, and your Cirus salesperson will provide you with a calendar showing the exact dates you’ll receive the water.